We homeschool year round, and one of the main reasons we do is so when unexpected things come up, we can take time off.  We schooled on a very part-time basis while I recovered from foot surgery.  I was on the look out for an online program that could help my kids maintain their academic skills while I recovered.  One of the programs that we used was K5 Learning.

K5 Learning

About K5 Learning

K5 Learning is a supplemental program for, you guessed it, grades kindergarten through 5th, and can be used by both homeschoolers and those in public schools.  (This is a great program to use if you want to keep your children’s skills fresh while they’re out of school for the summer.)

The program focuses on reading and math (two areas that are particularly prone to the summer slide during summer break).  In addition, parents can choose to enter spelling words for their children to practice through the program.

How We Used K5 Learning

The first thing I did was have Cuddle Bug and PB & J Girl take the assessment tests.  The assessment tests were a bit long for the girls, but I found the assessments to be spot on.  However, PB & J Girl, who is in second grade, got a bit frustrated early on with the program because she placed in third grade math, and doing math daily at that level was too much of a challenge for her.  Luckily, I was able to contact K5 Learning and tell them that I wanted all of her math to be adjusted to the 2nd grade level.  They did this for me within a few hours.  I was impressed with the customer service.

The girls used the program a few times a week.  At first, they really enjoyed it.  However, PB & J Girl’s level, especially, had very long activities, sometimes spanning 30 minutes for math or reading alone.  If we wanted her to do both math and reading in a day, she could be spending 45 to 60 minutes a day doing both.  This was a bit too long for her, so I would like to see the lessons shortened.  We ended up shortening the lessons ourselves by just having her alternate days that she did math or reading.

Cuddle Bug liked the program, but she complained that there weren’t enough fun games in the program.  (Typically kids get to a play a game at the end of a lesson.  I think this may actually be a test or assessment in disguise, but my girls never mentioned that they thought it was.)  Cuddle Bug (7) has a short attention span, so I agree that it would be nice if there were more breaks and fun activities sprinkled throughout.

We used K5 Learning previously, and he enjoyed it more than the girls.  I still think it is a good program for supplementing math and reading, and considering your monthly subscription covers four kids, it is a bargain, too.  You can even try K5 Learning for 14 days for free.

K5 Learning
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