Bookworm is nearing high school, and one goal my husband and I have discussed is having him do an internship in his desired field before he graduates.  (Right now he wants to be a lawyer, but that may change.)

When I was in high school, I got credit for working, but that was just at a job in a restaurant.  We want Bookworm to have an internship so he can explore if the field he chooses is right for him BEFORE he spends several years and thousands of dollars getting an education in that field.  For that reason, I was excited to review Apologia Educational Ministries‘ new book, Internship for High School Credit by Sherri Seligson.

About Internship for High School Credit

Internship for High School Credit

Internship for High School Credit is spiral bound and is just shy of 100 pages.  The book contains five main sections:

Part I: Getting Started.  This section contains valuable information about discovering what type of internship would be best for the student, choosing a company, preparing, and receiving high school credit.  In addition, information is given for preparing a resume and writing a letter of introduction.  Finally, tips are given for the interview and what to do after the interview.

Part II: Information for Parents.  Wondering how to handle an internship in your homeschool?  This is the section for you.  It gives suggestions for transcript documentation, course title and number, and number of credits to assign, and how to grade an internship.

Part III: First Semester.  The bulk of this book is comprised of Part III and Part IV.  These two sections are a series of worksheets including pages such as “Semester Goals” and “Weekly Worksheets.”  The Weekly Worksheets ask different questions each week such as “What is one thing you enjoyed doing and one thing you didn’t enjoy doing at work this week?” and “Describe the specific tasks you performed during the past week.  How do these tasks use any of the work skills targeted on your Semester Goals worksheet?”

At the end of Part III, there are forms for Midterm Work Performance, End of Semester Work Performance, Skills Gained and First Semester Summary.

Part IV: Second Semester.  This section still asks questions as Part III did, but now the questions are only to be answered every other week.  In addition, the answers are to be longer–one to two pages.  The student does not have workbook space in the book for this section.

Part V: Course Wrap-Up.  The internship is over, and now it’s time to write the thank you notes.  This book tells the student how to do that and also gives advice for asking for a letter of recommendation and updating her resume.

Before these sections, there are two sections: the Introduction and How to Use This Workbook.  The Introduction explains how internships have evolved and also what is and is not expected and acceptable with an internship.

How We Used Internship for High School Credit

Bookworm is still in middle school, so mostly I read through this book myself.  It gave me ideas for the future, and I plan to leave some room in Bookworm’s high school schedule so he can complete an internship as it may be one of the most valuable things he does in high school.  I’m tucking this book away for another year until just before he enters high school.

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