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If you homeschool, you’ve likely run across the blog, Only Passionate Curiosity.  I am a reader of the blog, so I was excited when I found out that Heather Aliano, creator of Only Passionate Curiosity, has developed a new course for homeschool parents, Homeschool Rescue.  After our rough year including an autism diagnosis and foot surgery, I was hoping I could glean some insight into our homeschool and breathe some fresh life into it.  I was not disappointed.

About Homeschool Rescue

Only Passionate Curiosity Homeschool Rescue

Homeschool Rescue currently has five modules.  They are:

Module 1: Triage Your Homeschool

Module 2: Time Management Systems and Organization

Module 3: Curriculum Planning and Organization

Module 4: Setting Students Up for Success

Module 5: Teaching Older Students

Only Passionate Curiosity Homeschool Rescue
Aliano has created a 60 day schedule to help you pace yourself as you work your way through the course.  For those of us who like to check off boxes (that would be me), this schedule is a great bonus of the course.

In addition, Aliano has created a Facebook group solely for the group going through the course.  (She will open up the course just a few times a year so she can dedicate her time to one group at a time, as they make their way through the course.)

Most of the course consists of slide shows with Aliano’s audio, but some are videos featuring Aliano herself.  Each module has several lessons, and each lesson, in addition to the visual component, has assignments.  For instance, in Module 2, Lesson 5 (all about decluttering), there is a 40 week decluttering schedule, a weekly cleaning tasks list, and a monthly cleaning tasks list.

How I Used Homeschool Rescue

When I first got access to this course, I was struggling with undiagnosed post-operative pneumonia.  I was sick for the first three weeks of this review, unfortunately.  However, I loved that Aliano clearly states in the intro of the program that the suggested 60 day schedule is just a suggestion.  She doesn’t want people to feel stressed out if they can’t keep up with the schedule.  What a relief that was to me!

I did the program as I was able those first three weeks.  When I felt better, I started following the schedule and really digging into the course.

There were a number of things that resonated with me.  I loved that in Module 2, Aliano suggested that when your school day ends, put all of the books away.  This creates a clear division between school time and regular family time.

I also appreciated her 40 week decluttering schedule.  I always want to declutter my house, but I get so overwhelmed.  Following this schedule, which offers decluttering in bite size bits, is completely doable.  Some people in the Facebook group said they couldn’t stop decluttering once they started.  That wasn’t exactly my experience, but I did make some headway by following Aliano’s schedule.

Another aspect of this course that I loved is that she clearly outlined why certain curriculum may not be working with your children.  This resonated with me because over the last few weeks, I’ve been selling off the curriculum we aren’t using or that I don’t feel is working for my kids.  I plan to buy all new curriculum to shake things up a bit, but also to pick curriculum that is more in line with my individual children’s learning styles.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a brand new homeschooler or an experienced one who wants to make her homeschool more efficient, or even an experienced homeschooler who is suffering from serious burnout, this course will help you.

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Only Passionate Curiosity Homeschool Rescue

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