Cuddle Bug LOVES to be read to.  She would be happy if our homeschool consisted of entirely reading aloud all day long.  For that reason, we’re always on the search for good, educational books, especially about history, which all of my kids love.  We’ve had the chance to review YWAM Publishing before, but those times we had Bookworm read the books.  This time, the girls were old enough to read one of the books from the Heroes of History series, Heroes of History: Clara Barton.

About YWAM Publishing

YWAM Publishing

YWAM Publishing began in 1972, and since then they have steadily expanded.  I’m most familiar with their Heroes of History and Christian Heroes series.  (In the past, we have reviewed Christian Heroes: Corrie ten Boom as well as Heroes of History: Laura Ingalls Wilder.)  These books are outstanding, but they also offer many other products such as audiobooks, music and worship books, and fiction books.

A portion of every sale goes to help kids in a variety of countries including China, India, Brazil and Uganda, just to name a few.

About Heroes of History

The Heroes of History series includes 28 books that feature American heroes.  Heroes covered include classics such as Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Harriet Tubman to name a few.  Modern heroes covered include Ben Carson and Louis Zamperini.  Each of these books serves as a perfect unit study, especially when you utilize the study guides that YWAM offers for each book.

About Heroes of History: Clara Barton

YWAM Publishing

We all loved this book!  The story follows Clara from a shy little girl who helps nurse her brother back to health after a fall from a roof, to a confident woman who becomes a school teacher.  Through her athletic prowess and cunning, she is able to win over even the rowdy big boys in her class who have run off several teachers.  The story then follows her move to Washington, D.C., and then becoming the “Angel of the Battlefield” and helping Civil War soldiers after each battle.  After the Civil War, Barton becomes involved in the Red Cross, and ultimately becomes the head of the Red Cross in the United States.

As a woman and a mother, I loved this story.  Barton did not have an easy life, and as a woman in the 1800s, she had to fight for the right to help soldiers.  Most men in charge didn’t think a woman was capable.  However, Barton was more than capable, and she made a real difference in those injured and dying soldiers’ lives.  When she became the head of the Red Cross in the United States, she faced much difficulty and opposition, but she did not give up.  Reading about such a strong, confident woman was good for my girls.  This book was also an excellent way for them to get a wide sweep of history, especially of the Civil War and the time after.

Although this book is meant for ages 10+, my girls, at 7 and 8.5, could follow the story.  It only became more challenging for them at the end when it was the turn of the century and international politics came into play.

For older students than mine (the book is recommended for those 10+) YWAM has a study guide that goes with each of their books.  This resource is fabulous as it includes a variety of activities that appeal to all types of learners.  If you follow a unit study approach, you’ll definitely appreciate the study guide as it really enriches the book and helps children learn about the context of society and history during the person’s life.  Since my girls are younger, we didn’t do much of the activities but instead worked on the discussion questions, which helped them understand the book more.

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