I have heard many good things about Hewitt Homeschooling‘s Lightning Lit series, so when the chance came to review a set, I chose Grade 1 Lightning Lit Set.  I used this for PB & J Girl because she’s about a year behind in reading and writing thanks to the speech delay she just overcame.

About Grade 1 Lightning Lit

 Lightning Literature & Composition Pack Grade 1
In this program, a different child’s book is read and studied each week.  Some of the more popular books studied and included are


The Snowy Day,

Caps for Sale,

Frog and Toad are Friends,

How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, just to name a few.

During the week, children do a variety of activities including grammar, writing a summary of the story, analyzing the story (by answering the questions “What I like about the story,” and “My Favorite Sentence”), and doing an activity using the whole alphabet such as, for The Snowy Day, writing a weather term for each letter of the alphabet.

If you aren’t using a specific vocabulary program, Grade 1 Lightning Lit offers dictionary pages in the back of the student workbook.  Each week, students should include five to ten new words that they learned during the week through the program.

In addition, students study one Aesop’s fable a week.

There are assignments for four days a week.  Friday is a day to catch up, take off, or do other activities to extend out the program.  (There are suggestions for extension activities for each week in the teacher’s manual.)

How We Used Grade 1 Lightning Lit

We used this program four days a week.  We read the assigned story on days one and three, as directed.  (I read to PB & J Girl, though I think she would have been fine reading many of these books to herself.)  Each day, we did the assigned activities in the book.

What We Liked about Lightning Lit

This program offers great flexibility.  You can read aloud the story for the week, or your child can read it independently, depending on interest and reading ability.  Your child can write the answers, or they can dictate the answers to you to write down, again depending on ability.

This is an all-in-one program.  This program covers literary analysis, reading, writing, and grammar.  I believe that if children start using this program in grade 1 and continue using it each year, they will be very well prepared for middle school and high school reading, writing, and literary analysis.

What We Disliked about Lightning Lit

I only had one minor complaint about Lightning Lit.  The student workbook designates each day; the first assignment for the week is labeled Monday, the second assignment for the week is labeled Tuesday, etc.

This bothered me because we don’t always homeschool every day.  Some days we take field trips or go to co-op.  I’m not that OCD, but it bothered me to be doing Tuesday’s work on Thursday.  Even my daughter was confused and wondered why we were doing the “wrong” day’s work when we were simply picking up where we had left off last time.

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