We’ve been listening to many, many audio stories as we make our way to and from ABA, so I was excited to review For the Temple (www.ForTheTempleHenty.com), another quality production by Heirloom Audio.

About For the Temple

The story follows John, a Jewish man engaged to Mary.  John is happy caring for his family farm until he and Mary take an unplanned boat ride and end up in the middle of a storm.  He is rescued by a crew and meets Josephus, who urges him to join the battle against the Romans.

Despite Mary’s concerns, John does just that and becomes a major player in the war.  John makes it through the battle at Jotapata and then he is a key player in Siege of Jerusalem.   John’s main objective is to save the temple in Jerusalem.

This story has intriguing story lines about bravery, the fight for what is right, and honor and honesty in war.

About the Study Guide

This approximately two hour audio comes with a study guide which is so useful.  The study guide asks two types of questions–Listening Well, which are basic comprehension questions, perfect for young listeners to make sure they are getting the most out of the audio, and Thinking Further, which are more thought-provoking questions, perfect for older listeners to enrich their learning.  Questions like, “Is it really John’s job to save God’s Temple? Why or why not?” help children understand the story both from a historical and religious standpoint.

In addition, the Study Guide has Defining Words to help grow your child’s vocabulary.

They also include pictures and sidebars with historical information, which I really appreciated.

Using this study guide, you could deeply enhance your child’s learning.  In fact, using the study guides and multiple Heirloom Audio stories, this could easily become a history curriculum for your middle schooler.

We have listened to many Heirloom Audio productions including The Dragon and the RavenWith Lee in Virginia,  Captain Bayley’s HeirIn the Reign of TerrorThe Cat of BubastesWulf the SaxonBeric the Briton, and St. Bartholomew’s Eve, and they are all excellent choices.

Our Thoughts on For the Temple

As always, this was a very well done audio story.  The sound effects are wonderful, and the story is suspenseful.  I found John particularly relaetable because he joined the army because of what he felt was right, not because he was seeking glory.  He did become famous, but that was never his objective and he certainly didn’t revel in it.

However, there is always one thing I would like to see differently with Heirloom Audio stories.  G.A. Henty’s book, For the Temple, is a full 403 pages long.  That is a lot of material to condense in just two hours.  I know that Heirloom Audio probably does this to make the story more exciting and captivating, which it is, but often, I and some of my children have trouble following the story because it moves so quickly.  Usually only Cuddle Bug can follow what is happening the first time through, but this time even she had trouble.  We typically have to listen to these CDs at least twice to get the full story.  I would love it if Heirloom Audio could extend the story to maybe 2.5 to 3 hours so that the storytelling could slow down a bit and be easier to follow.

If you’re looking for a well-done audio story with good moral lessons, you can’t go wrong with Heirloom Audio.

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I was one of 80 people to review this audio drama.  To read more reviews, click on the link below:

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