Sometimes I can’t believe that my “little” girls aren’t so little.  One will be in middle school next year!!  How did that happen?

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We’ve been slowly integrating more curriculum that is at the middle school level including Exploring Creation with General Science, 3rd Edition by Apologia.  For this review, we received the Textbook, Student Notebook, and Solutions and Test.

About Apologia

Apologia prefers to be known as a “Christ-centered, award-winning, homeschool curriculum provider.  Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure to review many, many Apologia products, all of which we have enjoyed immensely, including:

Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology,

Apologia Marine Biology, 2nd Edition,

Writers In Residence,

Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal,

iWitness Books, and

Internship for High School Credit,

Exploring Creation with Astronomy, 2nd Edition,

The Ultimate Homeschool Planner, (I love this planner so much, I buy one every year!!)

Flourish: Balance for Homeschool Moms, and

What On Earth Can I Do.

Do you see how much Apologia has played a role in our homeschool?  I simply love their curriculum!

About Exploring Creation with General Science, 3rd Edition

This textbook is recommended for 7th graders.

Three Apologia Sets Available

The Apologia Basic Set such as we got for review is $119, but there are two other sets available.

The Apologia Advantage Set also includes the MP3 CD Audiobook (perfect for auditory learners, those with dyslexia or other learning challenges, or families who want to do some car schooling) in addition to the basic three items for $139.

The last set the Apologia SuperSet ($309) includes everything in the Advantage set plus a Video Instruction Thumb Drive which shows the author, Sherri Seligson, actually teaching the course, which can help students further absorb the material.

Course Purpose

The course is designed to help transition students from the elementary science series and to act as a bridge to prepare students for the high school science series.  Students are expected to work four days a week on this course, for about an hour a day.

Students will learn how to take science tests (which they do not do in the elementary school series), perform experiments, and write lab reports.

The Textbook

Topics in the textbook include:

MODULE 1:  The History of Science–Search for the Truth

MODULE 2:  Scientific Inquiry and the Scientific Method

MODULE 3:  Documenting and Interpreting Experimental Results

MODULE 4:  Scientific Analysis and History

MODULE 5:  Earth Science–Astronomy

MODULE 6:  Earth Science–Geology and Paleontology

MODULE 7:  Earth Science–Meteorology and Oceanography

MODULE 8:  General Chemistry

MODULE 9:  General Physics

MODULE 10:  Life Science

MODULE 11:  General Biology

MODULE 12:  Marine Science

MODULE 13:  Environmental Science

MODULE 14:  Science and Creation

The back of the textbook also includes a lab supply list for every module and every experiment within each module, which I found very handy!

The Student Notebook

While The Student Notebook is optional for the elementary series, it’s an essential component to Exploring Creation with General Science.

In the front of the Student Notebook, there is a daily breakdown of work for your student, which I love.

All of the activities that students will complete throughout each module are training them to learn how to take detailed notes and prepare for tests.  There is also a study guide to be completed for each module to prepare students for the module test.

There are several scoring rubrics for the experiments and exams, as well as suggestions for how to weight the various assignments.  A grade recording chart is also given.

There are also pages for making a formal lab report.

Solutions and Tests Manual

The tests for each module are two pages long, and they do require studying.  In my opinion, a student wouldn’t just be able to do the work for a module and then take the test.  Studying is required, and these tests are good preparation for the Apologia high school tests, which I find very challenging (based on previous reviews and use with Bookworm).

For parents, each module test has a thorough answer guide.

How We Used General Science

Since PB & J Girl is only going into 5th grade, we used this curriculum at a more leisurely pace than the pace given in the front of the student notebook.  (I LOVE that all Student Notebooks have a suggested pace for each course, making it so much easier for homeschool parents to do their planning.)

During this review period, we completed the first unit, which I found fascinating.  It was about the history of science, and I, myself, learned quite a bit about the evolution of science over time.

Cuddle Bug is very much a hands-on learner, so she was excited to see that there were so many experiments.  Most experiments require basic items you can find around the home or easily purchase at the store.  We completed several experiments such as:

seeing a chemical reaction when a penny is exposed to various chemicals

making a simple robotic hand with straws

(There were many other experiments in this chapter that we completed; we just took pictures of these particular experiments.)

Our Thoughts on General Science

Both PB & J Girl and I enjoyed this book and plan to keep using it.  I do think it’s a bit advanced for a 5th grader, so we are going to put this aside until next year.  However, I found it very visually appealing and interesting, as did my daughter.

While we were excited to do the many experiments, ours didn’t turn out that great.  I’m quite sure that is a result of our error because when I asked other reviewers, they had no trouble with their experiments.

Having used and reviewed Apologia elementary science curriculum and high school science curriculum, I can see that this textbook is an important step to more advanced science study.

I also love the white cover of the text as well as how visually appealing it is on the inside.

Well done, Apologia!  We’ll be back to use this book again when my daughter is just a bit older.

Apologia General Science
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