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Watching your child struggle to read is difficult, especially if you’re like me–a book lover and an English major.  I soooo want my kids to enjoy good books, and for now, they are through audio books and read alouds.  I’m hoping one day they also enjoy books by reading for fun on their own.  We’re pouring a lot of time now into dyslexia remediation, and one of the systems we’re using now is Dyslexia Gold.  We received the Dyslexia Gold Full Bundle, and despite my initial skepticism, I’m happy to report that we are seeing improvements!

About Dyslexia Gold

Dyslexia Gold markets itself as Beyond Phonics, and it’s true.  This program is so much more!  They offer a variety of programs:

Dyslexia Screening Test ($15) – This helps determine if your child has the key indicators of dyslexia

Engaging Eyes ($15/mo.) – Helps children train their eyes to focus on one object at a time (more about this below as this was the program we used exclusively during the review.)

Fluency Builder ($15/mo.) – This part of the program has 50 games and seeks to do two things–first, to help the user with phonics, second to help dyslexics improve their phonological deficit so they can hear how many sounds are in each word.  (While many of us can easily differentiate this, most dyslexics just hear one blob of sound.)  Finally, there is a reading passage that the student reads twice the first day and twice the second day to improve reading fluency.

Spelling Tutor ($8/mo.) – Spelling Tutor can be used by dyslexic and non-dyslexic kids alike.  By the end of the program, your child will know how to spell the 1,000 most common words.  The program succeeds in part by testing your child on a spelling word repeatedly in the beginning and then increasing the time between testing for that particular word so that it goes from short-term to long-term memory.

Times Tables Tutor ($8/mo.) – Times Tables Tutor helps kids learn their times tables in a multi-sensory way while only spending 10 minutes a day.  My daughter liked this because the drills are not timed, so it was a stress-free way to work on the times tables.  (She hates being timed and usually does not do very well when she is.)

If you’d like to use several of the programs, you can choose between the following options:

Reading Bundle ($25/mo.) – Includes Engaging Eyes and Fluency Builder for one child.

Full Bundle ($30/mo.) – Includes all four programs for one child.

Family License ($55/mo.) – Includes all four programs for all of the children in your home.

About Engaging Eyes

During this review, we focused our attention almost exclusively on Engaging Eyes.  I know that one component of dyslexia is the inability of the child to have their eye focus on one thing at a time.  This makes it difficult to focus on one word while reading.  In fact, Dyslexia Gold says, “To read fluently we need to focus both eyes on the same point, and then track across the page.  98% of struggling readers’ eyes don’t do this.”

Unfortunately, we don’t have money to pay out of pocket testing and eye therapy.  Luckily, Dyslexia Gold provides this, and it only takes 10 minutes a day.  Of course, I’ve never had a child in eye therapy, but a friend who has several dyslexic children said that the activities in Dyslexia Gold’s Engaging Eyes is very similar to what her children did in eye therapy.

How We Used Engaging Eyes

Most mornings, my daughter started the morning using Engaging Eyes for 10 minutes.  Dyslexia Gold shipped us two pairs of 3D glasses, one smaller and one larger.  We chose the larger ones to use, but the smaller ones would fit younger children just fine.

She then would play two games–the first one, Target Practice, had her use a pointer in the center of the screen and “shoot” at circles.

Dyslexia Gold Review

The second game–Whack an Alien–had her whack aliens as they popped out of holes.

During the review period, she finished Whack an Alien.  After that, her daily work included Target Practice and Speed Fix A.

Even though she worked steadily for the entire 13 week review period, you can see that she has plenty of eye tracking tasks left.

Dyslexia Gold

Our Thoughts on Engaging Eyes

Not surprisingly, doing Engaging Eyes wasn’t her favorite task.  That’s no comment on the program; in fact, I think it means the program is doing it’s job because it’s hard training your eyes to look at just one item at a time, and most kids (and adults) don’t like doing hard things.

What I find so encouraging is that clearly the program IS working.  Once a month, Dyslexia Gold has your child take a reading test.  My child should be reading about 150 words a minute.  When we first began the program, she was reading 93 words per minute.  After one month of using Engaging Eyes, she jumped to reading 114 words a minute.  I can’t wait to see how she’s progressed when she takes her next reading test on July 18!

Dyslexia Gold Review

If your child has dyslexia or is struggling to read fluently or to memorize times tables, or tackle spelling words, I highly recommend Dyslexia Gold.  We’re going to keep using this as a regular part of our school day.

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