Teaching my kids cursive is very important to me.  I know that some schools no longer teach cursive, but when I think of all of the historical documents that are written in cursive, I just can’t think of my kids not learning it.  Bookworm learned while he was still in school and now has beautiful handwriting.  PB & J Girl (9) has been interested in learning cursive for quite some time, and I’ve been teaching her in bits and pieces, but teaching her letter by letter according to the alphabet simply wasn’t working.  Luckily, we just discovered CursiveLogic, and we both love it!  For the purpose of our review, we received CursiveLogic Quick Start Pack and The Art of Cursive.

Cursive Logic New Edition

About CursiveLogic

The CursiveLogic Quick Start Pack includes the CursiveLogic workbook and 6 months access to an instructional webinar that explains how to teach using CursiveLogic.  The webinar is 48 minutes long and takes you step by step through the process of using CursiveLogic and teaching your child (or student if this is used in the classroom) cursive.

The workbook itself is spiral bound at the top, so it can be used equally well by left or right-handed students.  A typical day’s work includes three pages of the workbook, each marked Day 1, Day 2, etc. so you know what the student should be doing each day.

CursiveLogic was developed by Linda Shrewsbury.  She was helping a 23 year old man with developmental disabilities when he mentioned he’d like to learn cursive so he could sign his name.  Shrewsbury knew he didn’t have to learn cursive like school kids do.  Instead, she noticed that most cursive letters fall into four distinctive patterns, and CursiveLogic was born.

The first group of shapes, orange oval, include the letters a, c, d, g, o, q.  Due to proprietary information, I can’t tell you what the other letter groups are, but I can tell you, this way of grouping letters together is ingenious!

The Art of Cursive Logic
If you want to use this program with an older learner, you may want to consider The Art of Cursive Coloring Book.  This book has several pages in the beginning that present a condensed version of the four CursiveLogic letter groupings.  Then, each page going forward has a written passage of a famous quote to practice, and the other side of the page has a picture to color.  The design of each page is made of cursive letters to practice, but it doesn’t feel like practicing but rather coloring.

If you’re interested in buying CursiveLogic, use the code CREW2018 to get 20% off the Quick-Start Pack.  This offer remains active through the end of March.

Cursive Logic New Edition March 2018 Discount

How We Used CursiveLogic

PB & J Girl wants to learn cursive, but she doesn’t have much patience for it, so we did one page a day.  At that rate, she made slow and steady progress, and I could see an improvement in both her handwriting and the ease with which she produced cursive.



Our Thoughts on CursiveLogic

PB & J Girl has tried several different cursive workbooks before, all teaching in a traditional way.  While she will likely never be a fan of learning to write cursive, she does enjoy gaining the skill, and this program has been the best for her in that way.  She picked up the letters more quickly when they were grouped together with CursiveLogic.  In addition, because students are writing words fairly early in the program, she got valuable experience in also reading cursive, which I have found to be lacking in most programs.

One nice touch I enjoyed is that the back of the book has three dry erase pages, so students can continue to practice if they need to.

We will continue with this program until we complete it.  I’m confident that this will be the last program that we use to teach her cursive, and I plan to order it for Cuddle Bug when she’s a better reader.

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