One of my biggest deficits as a blogger is a lack of web design and HTML knowledge.  I spend a lot more than I should hiring people to do simple background tasks that I’d love to know how to do on my own.  The Crew was recently given the chance to review products from CompuScholar, Inc. (formerly Homeschool Programming), and when I found out this review was also open to adults, I happily signed up to try out Web Design.

About Web Design

CompuScholar, Inc. Web Design

Web Design is created for middle school and high school students (or even adults like me!).  Students should be familiar with basic computer applications, but the parents do not have to be computer savvy as everything the student needs to know is explained in the program.

Each lesson contains an instructional video as well as the lesson text.  (Students do need to read the text because not everything that is included in the text is included in the video, though most of the information is.)

The course has 28 chapters, with each chapter including approximately three to four lessons.  Each chapter has a quiz after each lesson as well as an exam at the end of the chapter.  Many chapters also include activities to do and submit.  (While almost all grading is done automatically by the computer, some assignments will need to be graded manually by the teacher.)

The quizzes are multiple choice.  If the student doesn’t like the score she receives on the quiz, she is allowed to take the quiz up to two more times.  I love this feature because it really helps cement the knowledge into the student’s brain.

The course explains web design for Macs or PCs,, so it doesn’t matter what type of computer you have.  In addition, should your child want to go out and create web designs for others, he’ll know exactly how to do so on both types of computers.

As part of the course, you’ll have a student and parent/teacher login.  The parent/teacher login shows all of the same material as the students see, but it also includes a teacher guide and quiz answer key for each lesson.  In addition, you can see your student’s grades and progress.  This course can be used for an entire class of pupils or just an individual student.

My Experience Using Web Design

I found this class very user friendly.  The videos explain and demonstrate nicely, and after I watched the video, I read over the lesson text.  I also enjoyed creating my own mock up website, and I’m hopeful that by the time I complete this class (I have access for a year), I’ll no longer have to pay people to fix basic web issues with my blog.

If your child loves computers, middle school or high school would be the perfect age to take this class.  For Bookworm (12), I think I’d wait until 8th or 9th grade for him to take this course because there is a lot of material to learn and go through.

CompuScholar, Inc.

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