As you know from our monthly read aloud lists, we love good kids’ books.  Recently, we had the chance to review Britfield & the Lost Crown, and we enjoyed our trip through England.

About Britfield & the Lost Crown

Tom has been in an orphanage for as long as he can remember, though he has one memory of being taken by someone. Currently, he’s in Weatherly Orphanage where the children are put to work every day and also mistreated.  When Tom’s friend, Sarah, is locked up as punishment AND Tom learns that he may not be an orphan but may be instead a kidnap victim, all of the orphans work together to help Tom rescue Sarah and run away.  Before he leaves, Tom learns one word that may be connected to his past–BRITFIELD.

Tom and Sarah do indeed escape, and with the help of a hot air balloon, which they steal, they travel all over England while being chased.

This story is fantastical; honestly, there is no way that two kids would be able to learn to operate a hot air balloon on the fly and escape policeman, the Weatherly attendants, and a detective, but still, the story was fun to read.

The Study Guide

If you’d like to do more than just read this book aloud, there is also an 83 page study guide that is offered free to homeschoolers.

The study guide includes the following parts for each chapter:

  • Vocabulary (multiple choice)
  • Comprehension
  • Going Deeper Questions
  • Learn More with Technology

There is an answer guide at the end of the study guide.

Other Resources

In addition to the study guide, the Britfield website shows the various sites around England mentioned in the book.

How We Used The Book

We read the book in its entirety during the review period.  This is a thick book (383 pages), and required that we read about 20 pages a day to complete it during the review period.  My listeners were 9 and 10, and they both enjoyed the book a lot, even though they both agreed that it’s fairly unrealistic that Tom and Sarah continually evaded capture.

Our Thoughts on the Book

I loved that the story effortlessly weaved geography and British culture throughout the book.  If you’d like, this book could be used as part of a unit study on England.  Certainly, you could research and go deeper on both the geography, culture, and history of England.  This book is likely best suited for upper elementary to middle school, and the unit study could be used for those grades, too.

We are looking forward to more books to come.  Britfield & The Lost Crown is the first in a five-book series.  The second book will take place in France and Switzerland, the third book in Italy, the fourth book in South Africa, and the fifth book in China!  There’s even talk that this book might be made into a movie, which we’d love to see!

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