It is so easy to make homemade baby food! For instance, I bought two apples and peeled, cored and cut them into 6 pieces. I put these in a microwave safe bowl with a lid and 2 tbsp of water. I microwaved them for 4 minutes, let them cool and then pureed them in my trusty garage sale blender (I wrote about it here.)

I made sure to make the texture smooth like jar baby food so my daughter would eat them and then I poured it into ice cube trays. (Four ice cubes size blocks of food make the equivalent of one jar of stage 2 baby food. This can vary though, based on the size of your ice cube trays.)

For the peas, all I did was steam a baby serving size for 8 minutes, put them in the blender with some water and pureed them in until they were smooth. (Since I had to buy these frozens, Yaron does not recommend refreezing them in ice cube trays.)

This doesn’t have to take a lot of time. I make my daughter’s baby food while I am already in the kitchen making a meal or doing dishes. Every evening after she eats dinner, I wash her divided bowl, put a freezer cube of a fruit or two and veggie or two in the bowl, cover it with the lid and let it sit overnight. In the morning, the cubes are unthawed and ready to use.

Do you see how easy this is! It doesn’t have to be expensive either. By making your own baby food, you will immediately save money over jar baby food. (See my previous post on the cost difference here.) For supplies, I just bought 4 ice cube trays at a garage sale. They only cost me .50 total. I already have the blender. Those are really the only supplies you need.

I did purchase Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron and found it a worthwhile investment. (You can click on the Amazon carousel on my side bar and scroll down until you see it. They have it as low as $2.99 used or $12.37 new.) You could also get a copy from the library, but I found it useful to own (here is my tattered copy):

because there is a month-by-month schedule of when to introduce your child to every food and how to cook and store every food. In addition, she has lots of money saving ideas, crafts, and food recipes for toddlers. This is a book that you can use as your child grows. As you can see, mine has seen a lot of wear!

If you have a baby, have you tried to make baby food? It is so much easier than you think, and it is a true money saver!

Next week I will have part three of this installment–grains.
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