Teaching Homeschooled Middle Schoolers How to Manage Their Time & SchedulesBookworm is in 6th grade, and now that he’s older, I want to teach him to manage his time, especially now that we’re about to enter a VERY busy season.

I love that Bookworm is a self-motivated learner.  He loves nothing more than to curl up with a good book and read away.  However, there are still regular assignments he has to do so he gets a well-rounded education.

This semester, we started a new routine.  I write down all of his chores and assignments for the week.  Then, it’s up to him to make sure they all get done during the week.

IMG_7083The rule is that he gets no allowance money for chores if he doesn’t do EVERY chore on his list by the end of the week.  The same goes for homeschooling.  EVERY assignment given must be done at the end of the week.

If he decides we’ve had a busy day after a co-op day and doesn’t want to do anything but relax, I won’t bother him.  Relax away.  But, everything has to be done by the end of the week, so schedule your time wisely.

I have the new week start on Sunday so he has one “empty” day to work ahead, if he’d like.

The week ends Saturday evening, so he also has an “empty” day at the end of the week to finish items he may not have gotten to or he may have procrastinated doing.

Then, Saturday night he is paid his allowance.

I also print a copy of his schedule for myself and my husband.  We hang it on the refrigerator.  Every afternoon, I review with Bookworm what work he’s done.  I check it off my copy of the list and mark the date so I’ll remember later when it’s been completed.

On the weekend, when I’m working and my husband is taking care of the kids, he can refer to the schedule on the refrigerator to let him know what Bookworm still has to do.

So far, this new system is working great for us!

What techniques do you use to keep your growing children accountable for managing their time and work?

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