Here are the best healthy food deals I see this week:

Coconut Flour

Tropical Traditions has their coconut flour on sale for $9.99 for 2.2 pounds.  (Regular price is $15.)

What I love about coconut flour is that very little is used in a recipe.  Typically 1/2 cup is used in a recipe for 12 muffins.

I bought one 2.2 pound bag of coconut flour in the beginning of January, and we still have plenty left, even after multiple gluten free freezer cooking sessions.

Hands down, our favorite recipe to make with coconut flour is Gluten and Sugar Free Blueberry Muffins, though Tropical Traditions has plenty of coconut flour recipes for you to choose from on their website.

If you want to experiment with using less flour or you love the taste of coconut, coconut flour is the way to go.

Coconut Cream

Also, Tropical Traditions has Coconut Cream on sale for $11.99 (regular price $18).

I use coconut cream to make the dairy free, gluten free treat,  Lemon Coconut Cream Candies.  (I just experimented with a maple syrup version which I will share next week.  Yum!)

Coconut Oil Giveaway

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for 32 oz. of Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil.  This giveaway ends on Tuesday, February 12th!

If you click on the Tropical Traditions link and make a purchase, you will receive a free book from Tropical Traditions,Virgin Coconut Oil:  How It Has Changed People’s Lives and How It Can Change Yours that explains the health benefits of consuming coconut and includes 85 recipes, and I will receive a discount on a future purchase.

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