This is the final installment of this series.  Be sure to check out part 1—freebies and part 2—toys.

Once you take advantage of freebies and toy sales, you may still find you are in need of gifts for others on your list, specifically adults.  There are also ways to save on these gifts without breaking the bank.

-If you have a credit card take advantage of their rewards program.  Our credit card offers gift cards for 5000 points.  I find that I can earn at least 10000 points in a year.  For 5000 points we can get a $50 Visa card.  That is a great way to pay for other Christmas presents.  However, you must be disciplined enough to pay off your credit card each month for this to truly be a deal.

-Follow deal bloggers.  Beginning in November, I follow closely deal bloggers as they often share deals that would make great Christmas presents.  Last year Money Saving Mom shared several excellent photo deals.  Through her tips, we got photo books for our children’s godparents and both sets of grandparents along with a calendar of our kids.  Another blogger to follow is Couponing to Disney.  She has set up a section of her blog specifically for deals that would make nice presents.  Another great deal blog is Deal Seeking Mom.

-Subscribe to the deal sites.  I now subscribe to Groupon, Mamapedia, Living Social, Juice in the City and Buyzooka and their deals come direct to my e-mail each day.  While most people associate Groupon with restaurant deals or spa treatments, they also feature deals that could make great gifts.  I bought a Groupon several weeks ago for nuts with the idea of Christmas present.  Often these deal sites also have deals for photo books or jewelry.

-Stock up at the after Christmas sale.  Within a few days after Christmas, stores deeply discount their holiday merchandise, sometimes up to 80% off. This is a great time to buy some presents for next year, assuming you have the storage room.  You could get an attractive holiday wreath, candle, etc. and save it for a present for your child’s teacher or other individual.

Please, if you have other good ideas for having a debt free Christmas, feel free to share them below.  It is wonderful to have an enjoyable Christmas and treat those you love with presents.  But it is even better when there are no bills following you into the new year.

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