This post is a guest post by The Saved Quarter.  It is part of a Yakezie organized blog post swap where participants write about their biggest splurge ever.  You can find my guest post over at The Saved Quarter.  I wrote about my trip to China more than 10 years ago.

After killing three cheap blenders in under five years trying to do crazy things like crush ice and puree hot soups, I was intrigued by a demonstration of the high powered Blendtec at Costco one day a little over a year ago. It makes smoothies smooth, even with tough ingredients like kale or berries! It grinds grains into flour and turns vanilla pudding mix and cabbage into ice cream! It makes bread dough, hot soups and “whole juice”! Hummus can be made from sesame seeds to smooth dip in one quick step.

 Oh, honey, standing in that aisle with my kids devouring a sample cup of vanilla-cabbage ice cream, I was certain that all of my kitchen dreams could be solved if only I had this blender. Sure, it was a splurge at nearly $400 (ouch!), and smoothies aren’t exactly a necessity on my tight budget, but I figured that I could find it for less and it would be a well-loved addition to my kitchen.  

 I am not usually the type to shell out cash just because I saw a compelling demonstration. I’m more the type to find a suitable, cheaper alternative and save the difference – I  never pay full price. After seeing the infomercial for Wen cleansing conditioner, I researched the ingredients and came up with my own cleansing conditioner recipe, so you know I did my research!  

 I came home and read all the reviews, largely glowing, searched and searched and searched for the lowest price, and bought my Blendtec online for $350 with no sales tax or shipping. I cook nearly all of my family’s meals from scratch and deserve good equipment, I told myself. Buyer’s remorse reared its head in the days that I waited for it to arrive and I hoped it wouldn’t reveal itself to be a pricy mistake. Did I really need to spend so much on a blender?

It got here and I went on a blending spree; buyer’s remorse whirled out the window.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner all included something pureed, pulverized, or processed by my shiny new toy. I waited for the gild to fall of the lily. On the contrary, the blender has proven to be an indispensible appliance in my kitchen and I wish I’d bought it after the first cheap blender conked out years ago!

 It’s easy to clean, doesn’t leak, and it fits under my cabinets so I can tuck it back on the counter full time. None of my old blenders could hold a candle to it. Sure it’s loud, but I read a trick on Amazon’s reviews that works to reduce the noise level of any blender: stick a mousepad under it. It works!

 Do I really need a blender that can blend an iPhone?

Probably not. But one that will make super smooth green smoothies with the press of a button out of kale and frozen blueberries without the smell of burning blender or little chunks of greens or seeds sticking in my teeth has a permanent place on my counter, and was worth the splurge for me. 

What has been your biggest splurge? Has it been worthwhile for you?

Penny Saver is a frugal mom making the most of meager means, saving her quarters to save a quarter of her income and blogging all about it at The Saved Quarter.

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