A reader recently wrote in with the following question: 

“I am currently spending about $400 per month to feed my family of five.  I go grocery shopping once a week so I can try to get the deals each week to try to lower my overall spending.  However, I don’t have much time to shop a lot of stores.  I find grocery shopping itself rather annoying, so I just go to one store once a week and buy the best deals. 

“I have read that some people go grocery shopping only once a month.  We do have room to store a month’s worth of groceries, and I would love the time saving of only shopping once a month, but then I worry I will not be able to get the best deals and my grocery bill will be higher.”

I myself generally shop once a week at two different stores to try to maximize my savings, but it is time consuming.  I have never grocery shopped only once per month, but I can see where that would be a huge time saver.

So, I am going to turn this over to you, my readers.  What works for you?  Do you grocery shop once a month or once a week?  What advice would you give this reader?

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