I went to Costco last week to stock up on some basics, including 3 packages of 18 count eggs that aren’t included in the photo.  I also bought some snack type foods for my daughter’s lunches at Japanese school.  The total was $91, and this trip should last us two weeks, and the expenses were incurred in April.

Next, I got our organic delivery for $61.25.  I hope it is enough fruit to last through the week, but with the way I have been eating fruit because it feels like there isn’t much more to eat when dairy, soy and gluten free, I don’t know that it will last us through the week.

And then I made a stop at Jewel so we could make some homemade California rolls without the crab (because crab has wheat).  This was $8.50

This week I spent a grand total of $160.50, but $91 of that expense was in April’s budget.

So, for May, I have incurred $69.50 for groceries.

How have you been doing on grocery spending?

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