The budget is so tight, we are trying to keep grocery shopping to a minimum.  We are eating through our remaining small stockpile of freezer meals (about 6 more left) as well as frozen veggies, so I just needed to supplement with fresh fruit.  Not pictured is the vital wheat gluten I bought at Jewel for $6.83 (necessary for making our homemade bread).

Trader Joe’s

I bought two bags of Clementines, two bags of pears, two bags of apples, and a big bunch of bananas.  Everything was organic except the Clementines.

I spent $18.68, so I have spent $25.51 for groceries this week and for the month so far.

A stock up is inevitable since we are getting rid of any surplus we have thanks to what seems like our never ending pantry challenge compliments of the tight budget.  I am so grateful for the stockpile we have been able to use!


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