A few years ago, I used to get organic groceries delivered from a place I will call Farm A.  I remember that we stopped the service because they always sent us some odd vegetables that I didn’t know how to use, and I ended up spending more for groceries to make recipes for those items.  I thought I had grown in my culinary endeavors since then, so my bright idea last week was to buy from Farm A again last week.  Here is what we got for $81.00:

As I remembered, there were some ingredients we had never used before such as sunchokes and ramps.  (Our verdict–like the ramps, but the sunchokes were just okay.)  While it is nice to try new things like that, I would rather stick to the basics.

By Tuesday night, we had eaten almost all of the vegetables except a few potatoes and the broccoli, so I ordered from our current favorite, Farm B.  Here is what we got from Farm B for $61.00:

We are now stocked for fruits for the week, and hopefully for part of next week.  We will make our way through the vegetables from Farm B during the week.

In addition to all of the organic produce, I bought a few items from Whole Foods for $18 and from Jewel-Osco for $18 (but I don’t have the receipts and forgot to take pictures).  I know corn tortillas were in there as well as bananas because we ran out last week.

The total for the week was a very expensive $178!  I will be so glad when we start getting our CSA deliveries in early June.  I hope our grocery spending really drops then, but right now, I am willing to pay a bit more to try to eat more wholesome foods.

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