September is in the books, so here’s my final grocery report.  I’m WAY over budget.  There are several factors.

First, I had a massive freezer cooking session, and we still have 30 of those meals to get us through in October.  Hopefully that means October’s grocery total will be a little lower.

Second, I bought a 50 lb. bag of gluten free oats this month.  Basically, this month was stock the freezer month.

Third, I spent more because of something that we’re planning for October that is a secret mission until later.  🙂

But, all of this overspending means we can’t buy our 1/4 side of beef this month.  Now, we’ll need to wait until the March order.  I intend to start saving for it little by little now so we WILL have the money available in March because I really, really miss having all of that quality beef in the freezer.

Just a Few Facts About Us

Our family of 5 chooses to eat mostly organic produce and grass-fed and pasture-raised meats.  I’m Paleo, my daughter is semi-Paleo, and the rest of us are gluten free.  Everyone except my husband is dairy free. We were intolerant to beans, but I’m gradually reintroducing them to see how our family does.

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Here’s what we bought over the last two weeks:

Costco & Sprout’s- $66.27

I don’t normally buy too much gluten free bread because it’s pricey, but we need to bring a cold lunch once a week to co-op, and we’ve also had some field trips where we need to bring cold lunches, so I bought quite a bit of bread this month.

Also, several stores had pineapple for .88 each, so I bought a bunch to cut and freeze for future smoothies.

Natural Grocers & Trader Joe’s – $11.46 (not pictured)

Sprout’s – $10.98 (not pictured)

bacon & frozen peas & carrots

Fry’s – $15.57

More lunch fixings, among other items.

Trader Joe’s – $32.68

Sprout’s – $21.97

Basha’s & Sprout’s – $21.90

Sprout’s & Trader Joe’s – $68.52

See all of those Marian’s Kitchen boxes?  They are Thai red and green curry mixes, and my husband LOVES them.  However, at $7 a box, they are out of the budget, unless they go on clearance for $1.99 each.  I bought all of the clearance ones for him.

Sprout’s, Trader Joe’s & Natural Grocers – $45.14

Trader Joe’s – $ 65.56

Not pictured–3 lbs. grassfed ground beef & one bag shredded coconut

Vitacost – $53.26

TOTAL: $413.31

TOTAL for September: $1,022.29

Total for August: $668.85

Average for 2 months:  $845.57

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