Grass-fed ground beef was on sale at Sprout’s again this week (lately they seem to have this sale every few weeks), so I chose a few meals that I could double to put in the freezer.  Even though I still have 30 meals in the freezer, my family tends to balk if I don’t make a few non-freezer meals a week and if there is not enough variety in the freezer meals.

This week I’ll add 5 new freezer meals, which should give us plenty of variety.  My plan for the rest of the month is to mostly use up the freezer meals, so hopefully our grocery bill will be lower this month.

Just a Few Facts About Us

Our family of 5 chooses to eat mostly organic produce and grass-fed and pasture-raised meats.  I’m Paleo, my daughter is semi-Paleo, and the rest of us are gluten free.  Everyone except my husband is dairy free.  Our goal for the last few months of the year is to spend on average $750 per month on groceries.

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Here’s what we bought over the last two weeks:

Costco & Sprout’s- $157.10

Fry’s & Basha’s – $20.49

The gum was a free Friday download.  🙂

Trader Joe’s & Sprout’s – $59.80

TOTAL: $237.39

TOTAL for September: $1,022.29

Total for August: $668.85

Average for 2 months:  $845.57

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