Call this week the week I wasted grocery money.

Two things bothered me about this week.

First, Bookworm and I were going to have a late night and needed to pack our dinner to eat in the car.  I stopped by Whole Foods and got some gluten free bread and lunch meat.  We were in a hurry, so I didn’t pay much attention until I was going through my receipts at home.  Whole Foods charged me $8.99 for a 6 oz. container of lunch meat.  I called them and complained that they charged me for the family size lunch meat, but the cashier went back to check and said the price was right.  The 6 oz. container of lunch meat was $8.99!!!  Ridiculous!  I barely go into Whole Foods, but now I’ll be sure to steer clear.  Yikes.

Then, I ordered the organic Bountiful Basket and decided to pay roughly $16 for the conventional add on of tropical mix.  The description didn’t say how much fruit we would get, just the variety of fruit we’d get.  I’d seen Bountiful Baskets conventional baskets, and they are very generous, so I expected the same with the basket add on.  Mistake!  For $16, I got one pineapple, two mangoes, one lime, one papaya, and four bruised up bananas.  Definitely not worth the price.

Just a Few Facts About Us

Our family of 5 chooses to eat mostly organic produce and grass-fed and pasture-raised meats.  I’m Paleo, my daughter is semi-Paleo, and the rest of us are gluten free.  Everyone except my husband is dairy free.  Our goal for the last few months of the year is to spend on average $750 per month on groceries.

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Here’s what we bought over the last week:

Whole Foods – $13.98

Not pictured–lunch meat & bread

Fry’s, Trader Joe’s & Natural Grocers – $21.24

Fry’s – $5.21

not pictured–brown rice & white rice

Fry’s – $15.86

Sprout’s – $8.99

Not pictured.  One loaf of gluten free bread.

Bountiful Baskets – $43.80

See that tiny bit of food off on the side? That is the tropical pack for $16.30.


Fry’s – $7.28

The Larabars were on sale for $1 each, plus I had two .50 off coupons, so they were .75 each.  They’re good for me to eat as a snack when we’re on the go.  (The yogurt is for my husband and was on clearance for .49 each.)

Natural Grocers – $38.11

Costco – $ 105.66

Part of my new plan to reduce our grocery costs is to set aside about $250 to stock up on items.  I did that this week at Costco.  Stock up items include the rice milk, frozen butternut squash, frozen cauliflower and cans of tuna and salmon.

TOTAL: $260.13

TOTAL for November: $490.36

TOTAL for October: $1,180.05

TOTAL for September: $1,022.29

TOTAL for August: $668.85

Average for 3 months:  $957.06




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