So, thanks to many, many medical bills, our budget is T-I-G-H-T!  Even though we have previously given ourselves $780 – $1,050 for groceries each month, I’m on a mission to not spend more than $750 a month.  My husband is sure that I cannot do it.  I’m up for the challenge.

Let me tell you, the month of August seemed to go on, and on, and on.  I did keep to our budget of spending $750 or less, but I didn’t save as much as I would have liked for our beef purchase.

Just a Few Facts About Us

Our family of 5 chooses to eat mostly organic produce and grass-fed and pasture-raised meats.  I’m Paleo, my daughter is semi-Paleo, and the rest of us are gluten free.  Everyone except my husband is dairy free. We were intolerant to beans, but I’m gradually reintroducing them to see how our family does.

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Here’s what we bought this week:

Basha’s & Sprout’s – $23.23

Now that we’ve successfully reintroduced beans into our diet, I moved from canned beans to dry beans to save money.  (I didn’t want to buy dry ones until I was sure our family could handle them.)

Fry’s – 15.05

My husband is pretty easy going when it comes to food.  He’ll eat whatever I put before him, and he doesn’t request much.  What he does like, though, is almond milk to go in his coffee in the morning.  Fry’s had a good sale–almond milk for $1.99 each when you buy $5–and they had sent me a coupon for $1.50 when you buy two, so I stocked up.

Sprout’s & Safeway – $18.44

Not pictured is two pounds of white rice.

Sprout’s – $13.47

Vitacost & Natural Grocers – $62.27

Wouldn’t you know it, I’ve been waiting and waiting for Vitacost’s 20% off sale, and it happened at the end of this month, when there wasn’t much money left in the budget.  Still, I did need to stock up on some basics, especially since I am planning on a freezer cooking session in early September.

TOTAL for this week: $132.46

TOTAL for the month: $668.85

Leftover to roll to next month – $81.15 (reserved for beef purchase

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