I last updated our goals at the beginning of July.  Here is our progress since then:

–Pay off our credit cards.  On Track.  We owed $15,815.82 when I set these goals on January 4th, and now, as of August 1st, our balance is $9,928.92  Thus far we have paid off $5,886.90 or 37.2%.  Our goal is now to pay this off within the next 11 months.

–Pay off my student loan.  On Track.  On January 4th, my student loan had a balance of $6,167.53; as of June 30th, the balance was $5,208.61, so we have paid off $958.92 or 15.5%.

–Snowflake at least $750 a month on debt.  Not yet accomplished.  As of July 26th, we had snowflaked a grand total of $3,815.25 in 2012, which averages out to $545 a month.  We haven’t hit our goal yet of $750 a month, but I am still pleased with our progress.

–Sell $1,000 of stuff around the house.  On target.  In 2011, we sold $1,550 of stuff, and the goal is to sell $1,000 in 2012.  Right now we have sold $590.  However, I just began a 60 day declutter and earn money challenge, and I am hoping at the end of September I will have completely accomplished this goal.

–Learn to use coupons strategically to lower our grocery bill.  Fail.  I have not made any progress in this area.  I am too busy, which means I am losing money by not couponing, but since we can purchase so few processed foods thanks to our food intolerances, I am not very motivated.

–Lose 25% of my body weight.  No progress this month.  I am holding steady at 4% of my body weight gone.  Time to make this priority a top one as I have made no progress in several months.

–Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night.  Fail.  There is always some reason why this is a fail, which tells me I am not making sleep the priority I should.  Again, this needs to be a priority with losing weight.

–Send my daughter to Japanese school.  Accomplished.  After much debate and viewing two other potential schools, my husband and I decided to send our daughter to Japanese school.  She has been going since the beginning of May.

–Increase our emergency fund.  Some progress.  In January, my target was to have an emergency fund of $3,000.  We had to dip into our emergency fund to pay quarterly taxes and to pay some unexpected medical bills, so we are down to $1,550, or 51%.

How are you doing on your goals?

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