Although I have many things I want to accomplish this year, I’m taking the goals slowly, month by month.  My January goals are all about taking care of myself, and I added on a new goal.

Make Time to Relax

Read a book a week.  I’m re-reading Is Your Child a Money Master or a Money Monster, and I just started reading The Empowered by Craig Parshall.

Write. I didn’t write in my journal last week.

Care for Myself

Although losing weight was not one of my explicit goals, I did join Weight Watchers.  I wasn’t able to go to a meeting last week, so I’ll have to wait a few more days to find out how I’ve done.

Exercise.  I went on a 40 minute bike ride with my daughters.

Manage my sugar cravings. Ugh.  Just ugh.  Sugar consumption is the only reason I’m not losing weight, and Weight Watchers and trying to eat healthy meals is the only way I’m not gaining weight.  Sugar is not my friend, and I think it’s time for a break up.

Create a Manageable Schedule for Myself

I’m really enjoying our schedule, but the kids are having a bit of a struggle getting used to being home more often.  I’ll ride this out for a few weeks and see if they adjust.

Re-establish My Prayer Routine

I said my morning prayers every day this week.  I’m also saying my basic night prayers.  I’ve decided that for Lent I’ll add a rosary every night.

Make $25 a Month on Swagbucks

I think I might have been overly ambitious with this goal.  I started at 214 Swagbucks, and now I’m at 348, so I earned 134 Swagbucks this week, but that’s not going to get me very close to the 2,200 I need to get a $25 Amazon gift card.

These are my initial goals for 2018.  How are you doing on your goals?  I’d love it if you’d share in the comments!

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