Last year the Financial Blogger Conference was in my stomping grounds outside of Chicago, so it was nothing to simply take a short drive and attend for the day.  I enjoyed the conference greatly and made plans to go in 2012.

Unfortunately, in 2012, the conference moved to Denver, Colorado.  (Why couldn’t it just stay permanently in Chicago?  J).  I visited Colorado last year and loved it, so I was happy about the location, but not the expense.  Thankfully, Swagbucks has agreed to sponsor my trip, making it possible for me to go even in the midst of gazelle intensity.

There is much I have to do to get ready including getting food made for the family in my absence and getting my own food ready.  (During last year’s trip, I realized Nebraska is a 6 or 7 hour drive with nothing I can eat.  There were no restaurants we found off the highway where I would be able to eat with my dairy and soy intolerances.)  This time, I am packing my own food so I don’t even have to find a place to eat.  I will just open the cooler.

I am doing a cooking bout over the next day or two and will be making the following for the family in my absence:

Sloppy Joes for a Crowd

Stuffed Shells with Swiss Chard (delicious recipe from the $5 Dinner Mom’s cookbook)

Flautas with Chicken and Spinach

Pumpkin Muffins

No Bake Granola Bars

Cranberry Almond Granola

I already have Lighter Meatloaf in the freezer and banana chocolate chip muffins along with Chicken Patties and Beet Pancakes, so they should be good.

My Food

For the trip, I am preparing:

Cinnamon Walnut Butter (for my sandwiches; I have trouble digesting several different nut butters, but walnuts seem to be fine)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Babies

Trail Mix

Scrambled Eggs

Carrot sticks & hummus

Japanese Potato Salad

Cook Chicken, Apple Sausages

(I’ll also bring fruit, but there is nothing to prepare with that.)

In addition to my cooking fest, I am trying to get all of my blog, staff writing and virtual assistant work done for the week and a bit of staff writing done for early next week, when I am sure to be tired.

If you have any recipes for food that tastes great cold and can travel well, please share in the comments!

Wish me luck!

For more great meal planning ideas, visit Menu Planning Monday and Money Saving Mom.


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