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Hope you like the book!

I am happy to announce that my new eBook, Mom’s Dining Out Deals, is now available!

Because my readers have heard me talk about my progress and supported me along the way, I am offering it to you for free.  Here are the details:

First, simply blog about Mom’s Dining Out Deals, or post about it on Facebook or Twitter.

Second, make sure to do this within 48 hours (the ending time for this offer is Tuesday, February 14th at 7 a.m. CST).

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That is it.  Follow the three steps above, and I will give you a free copy of the eBook.

If you like the eBook, consider joining the affiliate program and receiving 50% of every sale your affiliate link generates.  Not only can you get the eBook for free and learn new ways to save money when dining out, but you could earn money when others buy the eBook!

Do you want to hear more about the eBook?  Here is what you will find:

Would you like to spend 25% to 50% less every time you dine out?

(And learn how to for the cost of one fancy Starbuck’s coffee or one meal at McDonald’s?)

The one time $5 purchase of this eBook can save you money month in and month out.  If you are a family of 4 that goes out to eat twice a month and pays $40 each time you go out, instead of paying $1,040 to dine out over the course of a year, you could reduce your costs by $200 to $500 a year!  Not just for one year, but for every year your family eats out.  Think of the long-term savings that are possible with the simple purchase of this eBook.

Mom’s Dining Out Deals: 70 Strategies to Cut Your  Bill Every Time You Dine Out offers 48 pages of information on how to cut your dining out bill from coupon books, deal sites and ordering techniques.

Mom’s Dining Out Deals shows you strategies to cut your dining out bill so you and your family can fit eating out into the budget again.  Save even if you aren’t a couponer!

This is what Penny Saver from The Saved Quarter had to say about the eBook:
I found this dining out eBook to be full of specific, creative, and useful tips and tricks to include dining out in your lifestyle even on a limited budget. By combining the ideas found in this guide, such as using a buy one, get one free coupon while at a restaurant that offered free kid meals, my family of four went out for dinner for under $20! We even had enough left over for lunch the next day! I would recommend this eBook to anyone looking to enjoy eat out without putting a dent in your wallet.

Take a look at the topics that are included:

Chapter One: Save with Coupons and Deal Sites
Chapter Two: Save with Credit Cards and Gift Cards
Chapter Three: Save with Programs for Kids
Chapter Four: What to Order to Save without Coupons or Deals
Chapter Five: When to Order to Save Without Coupons or Deals
Chapter Six: Other Ways to Save
Chapter Seven: Combining Strategies for Maximum Savings
Chapter Eight: Traveling
Chapter Nine: Festivals
Quick Reference Guide

This eBook shares 70 ways to save on dining out.  It goes beyond telling you to use coupons or take advantage of social media sites (although those methods are included).  You are sure to learn new techniques for dining out.

Crystal from Money Saving Mom states:
The book had great ideas–especially for those of you who are new to finding ways to get great deals at restaurants.

Jana from Daily Money Shot says:
Melissa’s book provides sound advice, tips and tricks for making the most of your dining out budget. It’s not easy to stretch a dollar at most restaurants, but with Melissa’s well-researched and tested methods, you’ll be able to save at even an expensive restaurant! The resources can be applied to every family size and every income level. If you’re interested in learning how to dine out on less, this book is the place to start!

I hope you will share the news that this book is available and offers real strategies for families looking to save money when dining out, and I hope you enjoy it and learn from it yourself.

Thank you for all of your support through this long process!


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