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George Washington: True Patriot by Geoff & Janet BengeWe are absolutely loving our year of studying history through YWAM’s Heroes of History series!  We recently wrapped up George Washington: True Patriot by Geoffe & Janet Benge A few years ago, my husband, Bookworm and I were able to visit Mount Vernon, so I’m sure that I knew some of this information previously, but I had forgotten it.

George Washington’s father died early, and many members of his family died early, too, including his brother, Lawrence.  In fact, after Lawrence died, Mount Vernon was passed to Lawrence’s wife, but when she, too, died early, George inherited it.

What I love about the YWAM series is how we see the facts of history from different perspectives.  The book before this one was Benjamin Franklin, where the girls learned about the French and Indian War as well as the Revolutionary War.  Imagine our surprise when reading George Washington and learning that Washington himself started the Seven Years’ War between England and France by firing the first shot and attacking the French he feared were trying to kill him.  The French were not trying to kill him, and Washington and his men actually killed a French ambassador in the attack.

I was reading that part when my husband was home, and he asked, “How in the world did Washington become an American hero?”  After such a miserable start as a colonel, one does wonder how he went on to make such a successful military career, but that he did.

Another tragic part of his life that I did not remember is that he had no biological children of his own.  Instead, together with Martha, he raised Martha’s children from a previous marriage.  However, tragedy struck both of these children.  Indeed, losing loved ones was, unfortunately, a regular part of George Washington’s life.

Throughout his time fighting in the Revolutionary War, George longed for nothing more than to return to his beloved Mount Vernon and become a planter.  After 8 years fighting in the war, he briefly returned home before he was elected president.  Then, after his four year presidential term, he was anxious to return home, but was instead re-elected.  When his second presidential term was finally over, he returned to Mount Vernon for just two years before he passed away.

The girls and I enjoyed this book and learned quite a bit about George Washington and the history of the Revolutionary War.

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars on the Mom’s Plans’ scale.

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