One year ago on October 20, 2011, my husband and I began to attack our debt with gazelle intensity.

I thought it would be fun to reflect on what our debt was on that day, compared to what it is now:

October 20, 2011

Business credit card: $6,344.21

Personal credit card 1: 1,061.15

Personal credit card 2: $12,911.27

My student loan: $6,668.40

Husband’s student loans: $30,980.98

Total: $57,966.01

October 20, 2012

Business credit card: $0        -6,344.21

Personal credit card 1: $0      -1,061.15

Personal credit card 2: $11, 345.10     -1,566.17

My student loan: $4,720.12       -1,948.28

Husband’s student loans: $30, 752.26     -228.72

TOTAL: $46,817.48              -11,148.53

Last year our income was very small, and this year it is slowly increasing, so I am quite proud that we were able to pay almost $1,000 a month on our debt.  As our income continues to increase and Murphy moves on to visit someone else, I am confident we will make even more progress.

However, having said that, my husband and I have agreed to take a break from gazelle intensity for now in light of my current health issues.  Right now, our first priority is to restore my health, and that means one thing I need to do is try to let go of stress.

Gazelle intensity is many things, but for me, a person who is a Type A stress prone person, it is not good for my health.  I know that the debt deserves my attention, but for right now it is going to take a back seat to improving my health.

The plan is to pick up gazelle intensity sometime after the beginning of the year, between January and March.  I don’t want to set a firm date as I want to see what happens physically before I do.

Have you been paying down debt?  How is your progress?  Share and let’s celebrate kicking some debt to the curb.

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