I originally posted this after my daughter’s birthday party last year.  Since I have many new visitors here, I thought I would share this post again as these were great party foods.  My daughter again will have a party near Halloween, so I will share what new treats we come up with after her party.

My daughter’s birthday is just a few days before Halloween, so this year we had her birthday party on Halloween. A few of the food items had a Halloween theme, but I imagine kids would love these recipes any time of the year as it is fun to have food that looks like something.

Remember all of the Crescent rolls I got at Jewel a few weeks ago? I used 5 packages and 40 hot dogs to create these “Crescent Mummy Dogs.” Kids and adults a like liked them. In fact we had a little less than 20 people at the party, but only about 5 hot dogs were left at the end.

For one of the appetizers, I created these Ghoul Fingers. I believe I originally saw the idea while watching a Robin Miller episode on Food Network. All you have to do is put a small amount of ranch dressing on the end of the carrot and attach a sliced almond to that to create a fingernail on the finger. This tray was completely gone by the end of the party.

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