Bookworm and Cuddle Bug LOVE playing chess.  They took to it like a fish to water and haven’t looked back.  I, on the other hand, can’t seem to remember the rules or which players can move which ways.  Time and time again, I’ve sat down with one of them to play only to be frustrated because I can’t remember all of the rules.  Luckily for me, Brain Blox has created Fun Family Chess, which is perfect for kids or beginners like me to learn how to play chess.

Family Fun Chess Review

About Brain Blox

Brain Blox offers several products for sale and enrichment activities.  Of course, they have Fun Family Chess, but they also offer Natural Wood Building Planks, which we’ll review on the blog tomorrow.

About Fun Family Chess

Fun Family Chess

The chess set is extremely durable.  The board is wood, and on the edges is a painted on image of where each piece should go.

Brain Blox Family Fun Chess

A box forms when the board is closed, and there are latches on the side to close it.

learn to play chess

The board is about one-inch high, so when you close the box, you can put all of the pieces inside the box for storage.  (There are two velour bags inside to put the high-quality wooden playing pieces in and the inside of the box is velour lined.)

beginner's chess set

There are two reference cards that show how each piece moves and also tells the name of each piece.  In addition, they give a web address where you can watch a video explaining how the pieces can move.

Family Fun Chess

There are two ways you can play Fun Family Chess.

Fun Family Chess Way

The first way is the Fun Family Chess way.  Included in the set is a white die with different chess pieces stamped on each side.  (These are color coded to match the same color they are on the reference card.)  Then, you must move the piece that appeared when you rolled the die.  In this version of the game, you win if you capture the other player’s king.

Standard Chess

When you feel comfortable with Fun Family Chess, you can move to Standard Chess.  There is a pamphlet that comes with the game that explains the rules of both Fun Family Chess and Standard Chess, so when you’re ready to move on, just read through the pamphlet for that part.

Family Fun Chess Booklet

How We Used Fun Family Chess

For me, this was the perfect product to review!  I loved the reference card and kept it by my side every time I played Fun Family Chess.  During this review period, I feel like I got a good feel for how the chess pieces can move.  I also enjoyed playing Fun Family Chess because having to move a specific piece at a certain time reinforced for me how the pieces moved.

The rest of my family played chess both ways.  We all love that this chess set is portable.

If you’re looking to learn chess or to teach someone to play chess, or you’re looking for a portable chess set, I highly recommend this one.

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