My son was born in the summer, so that means he misses celebrating his birthday during the school year.  However, at his new school they compensate for this by celebrating half birthdays.  During my son’s half birthday week, he had a special event every day–bring a favorite stuffed animal one day, a toy the next, a book another.  On the last day he got to bring some item for the class.

My son has only had one big birthday party, when he turned one year old.  We don’t have the money to have a big party for all the kids in his class hosted at a fun location that could cost a couple hundred dollars.  To be honest, even if we did have the money, I wouldn’t want to celebrate his birthday that way.  So, when my husband went to Dollar Tree and Party City, he let him pick out the favors he wanted.

He chose pencils, erasers, suckers, stickers and paper party favors.  He also bought boy themed and girl themed paper cups.  To wrap them, they bought tissue paper and ribbon.  He made 18 cups this way for the kids in his class for less than $15, or about .80 per favor.  Assembling the cups and wrapping turned into a fun weekend project he thoroughly enjoyed.  Plus, there are enough stickers, tissue paper and erasers to use for another occasion.  Works for me!

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