Frugal-HappeningsThis year I’m on a mission to curb our expenses as much as possible.  Over the last few years, we’ve cut quite a bit, so I have to be creative to find new ways to save.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Gymboree.  Part of the appeal is that Gymboree clothes come in adorable outfits and designs.  Another nice thing is that the clothes are usually durable and can make it through both my girls wearing them.  Finally, I can get the clothing for a good discount and often resell it on eBay for the price I paid or a little less, even after the girls have worn them for a season each.

However, because we have to pay a dollar per laundry load, we try to do laundry just 4 times a week.  That means if my daughter has a cute outfit that has black pants and a pink top, chances are the two won’t be clean at the same time since they’re washed in different loads.  Because the clothes have a particular design, putting a different shirt with the pants just looks silly.

I often ended up buying more outfits than I would like just to avoid this problem.  Considering the girls share a tiny closet, this solution wasn’t working either.

Instead, I decided that each girl will have about 5 pants and tops for the season.  I am now buying them in basic, mix and match solids so that no matter what clothing is clean, they will have something to wear.

This weekend I took advantage of Gymboree’s Orange sale, and bought PB & J girl the following clothes for next fall and winter:


I got these 5 shirts and 6 leggings from Gymboree for $46.70.  That is $4.25 per piece.  PB & J Girl will where them next year, and Cuddle Bug will wear them the year after, so each girl’s cost will be $23.35.

Best of all, they are mix and match, which will allow me to have a minimal wardrobe for each girl.

What is your strategy for saving on kids’ clothing? 

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