When my husband and I were first dating, we liked to spend Friday nights reading and doing work at a local bookstore.  My husband drank coffee, and I had cider or tea because I wasn’t a fan of those fancy coffee drinks. 

Well, 11 years later, I drink more of those coffee drinks than my husband does.  After I found out about my dairy intolerance, I figured my Starbuck’s days were over.  But then I found the carmel frappucino soy no whip no drizzle drink that not only catered to my dairy intolerance, but was delicious.  Regretfully, I started drinking Starbuck’s coffee again.

Since we have had to switch my son to a new school and tuition is (gulp!) over $300 a month more than it was at his old school, well, there is not much room in the budget for Starbucks.

I have decided to get clever with my little Starbuck’s weakness.  I definitely won’t be able to drink it weekly as I have been.  Maybe monthly if I am lucky.  Here is my plan:

-Enter blog giveaways for free Starbuck’s gift cards.

-Play for Starbuck’s gift cards at Huggies Enjoy the Rides.  I have won a $10 one this way so far.  (See my post here for ways I get the most points to play with at the Huggies site.)

-Use Swagbucks to pay for a Starbuck’s card.  These are 1,300 points for a $10 gift card, so I will only do this if I am desperate.  (Considering two $5 Amazon cards are only 900 points, using 1,300 points for the Starbuck’s card seems a bit indulgent.)

-Register for a Starbuck’s reward card.  I will automatically get a free drink on my birthday.  Then, after I have purchased 5 drinks, I will be able to get my soy milk choice at no extra choice.  (Soy costs .50 more than regular milk.)

I don’t know how well soy milk freezes, but the next time I get Starbuck’s, I will order the Venti and try to freeze half of it to enjoy later.

I know it would just be easier to give up Starbuck’s altogether, and maybe I will someday.  Meanwhile, I will try to use these creative ways to indulge myself without spending any money.

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