I always liked the idea of once a month cooking (OAMC), but I couldn’t get past the idea of buying a month’s worth of groceries, putting them all away and then cooking for a full day to make a month’s worth of food. Yes, it would be great to have all that food prepared, but the whole day of cooking sounded like drudgery, and I knew I couldn’t do it with little ones around.

Yet, when my leave of absence was drawing to a close, I knew that for the first two months back I would be too busy to cook every night. I did have one crazy day of cooking and managed to freeze about 12 meals, but that experience just confirmed that my original idea of not enjoying cooking ALL DAY was right.

After that, I found many slow cooker meals and made one every night for several weeks. All I did was double the recipe. We then took the leftovers and froze them in a large freezer bag or two. Voila. Freezer meal convenience without the cooking hassle.

I let the bags cool in the refrigerator and then flattened them out and laid them flat in the freezer so I could stack them to maximize room. Within a few weeks, I had nearly 40 meals frozen. And what a blessing they have been! As we struggle through this crazy time in our lives, these meals are helping to keep us well fed with minimal effort.

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