Our fall is going to be busy, busy, busy.  We’ll be attending our homeschool co-op one morning a week, the girls have American Heritage Girls meetings every other week, and Bookworm is volunteering at our church in religious education and the daycare during church.  In addition, two of the kids will be involved in church choir, and one of our children will continue to have therapy appointments 4x a week while another has speech therapy 2x a week.

Busy, busy, busy.

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To help keep my sanity, I created an overly ambitious freezer cooking plan.  While I didn’t get every single item on my list made, I do now have 33 meals in the freezer (plus the nine that were already in there, giving me a total of 42 meals).  September and October, hit me with your best shot–I’m covered as far as dinner goes.  Here’s what we made:


I made 4 servings per meal since I still haven’t successfully introduced all the foods my family can eat.

Ground Beef Goulash x3

Easy Paleo Homestyle Meatloaf (x2)

Cornbread & Hot Dog Muffins (24 total muffins & mini muffins)

Pasta Fagioli Soup (x3)

Spaghetti Bolognese (x4)

All of the following recipes come from MyFreezEasy:

Sloppy Joes (x3)

Split Pea Soup (x2)

Chalupa Salad (x4)

Cornbread Taco Bake (x4)

Slow Cooker Beef & Black Bean Chili (x4)

Slow Cooker Ham & White Bean Soup (x4)

Meals for Me

Paleo Chili (x8 single servings)

Winter Beef Stew (x4 single servings)

What I Didn’t Get To Make

Beef and Sweet Potato Stew (x4 single meals for me)

Baked Honey Mustard Salmon (x4)

Chewy No Bake Almond Butter Bars

GF DF Pumpkin Muffins x2

I plan to have another small freezer cooking session in the next week or two to finish these up.

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