Well, I had a busy three days of cooking, but here is what I ended up with for our freezer meals for July (sorry about the pictures; I took them in the late afternoon, and darkness was the unfortunate result):

24 Banana Butterscotch Muffins (Yum!!)
24 Blueberry Banana Muffins
3 Loaves Lighter Meatloaf
Empanadas (x2 meals)
2 pans Chicken Enchiladas
2 mini loaves garlic cheese bread
Stuffed Shells (x2 meals)
Turkey Burger Sloppy Joes (x3 meals)

Chicken & Broccoli Mix (x2 meals)

Italian Pizza Rolls (x2 meals)
1 pizza topping (leftover pizza roll filling I can just place on pizza dough with cheese)
Combined with the dozen or so freezer meals I have all ready in the freezer from previous freezer cooking sessions, my family now has a nice variety of meals to take us through July until I start freezer cooking again. Excuse me while I go sip some ice tea and go watch tv (just kidding!)
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