It has been a loooong time since I had a freezer cooking session.  Our freezer was almost empty thanks to our budget crunch over the last few months, but once we got our ground beef, I decided I needed to fill the freezer again.  My son was on spring break last week, so I cooked a little every day, and then on Saturday I spent a few hours finishing up the meals I had planned.  Here is what we had at the end of the freezer cooking week:

Cabbage Soup – x2 family size bags and 1x small bag

Italian Wedding Soup – x3 family size bags and 2x small bags

Stuffed Pepper Soup – x2 family size bags and 2x small bags

Turkey Chili – x1 family size bag

Bean Corn Stew – x1 family size bag

Chicken Rice Burritos – 10 servings

Lighter Meatloaf – x2 family servings

Meatballs – x3 family servings and x1 small serving

Blueberry Pancakes – x3 family servings

Pumpkin Pancakes – x3 family servings

Shredded Chicken – x3 family servings

Chicken Broth – x3 big bags (the equivalent of 12 cans of store bought chicken broth)

Black Beans – 2 cups frozen for quick use later

The big bags are enough to feed our family a meal; the small bags are for me and one of my daughters to have for lunch.  (The other one can eat peanut butter and jelly endlessly!)  It is like our own frozen meal without all of the extra sodium and preservatives.

Have you been freezer cooking?  I’d love to hear your progress and some of your favorite recipes!


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