One of my plans to make putting healthy food on the table easier in 2017 is to have a freezer cooking session once a month.  I froze a few meals at the end of December, but I knew I needed to have a big freezer cooking session in January.  So, when grass-fed ground beef went on sale at Sprout’s and my husband had Martin Luther King Day off, I knew the time had come!

I spread my freezer cooking over three days, and all told, it took me about 4 to 5 hours to make 20 meals.  Combined with the few freezer meals I already had in the freezer, I now have 28 meals in the freezer.  Yee haw!

Can I just tell you that as much as I don’t really enjoy 4 to 5 hours of freezer cooking, my future self is doing the happy dance!

Here are the meals we have stashed away:

All the meals are gluten and dairy free.

I’m hoping these will last us through the end of February, when it will be time to have another freezer cooking session.

Do you have freezer cooking sessions?  If so, what are your favorite recipes?

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