We are gearing up to go to Montreal for my husband’s conference, but this time we will just be going with our youngest while my mom and aunt come to care for our older two.  With all of our intolerances, that means I must make some food to take on the road and some food for my kids at home as most of grandma’s favorites have dairy in them.   Here is the cooking plan for the weekend (some of the meals will go with us, some will stay home to be eaten, and the extra will go in the freezer for other meals):

Chili de Three Amigos x2

Turkey Spinach Soup  x1

Lighter Meatloaf x3

Whole Wheat Honey Banana Muffins x1

Darlene’s Make Ahead Meatballs x2

Sloppy Joes for a Crowd (8 servings)

Cabbage Soup with Shredded Chicken x2

I’ll update you next week and let you know if I got all of this done.  It seems a bit ambitious, but I have some veggies I need to use up too.

If you are doing any freezer cooking this weekend, please share your post or recipes in the comments.

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