I have been cooking, and cooking, and cooking some more. My freezer, which had begun to empy out, is now stuffed once again. Here is the tally thus far:

28 No Meat Burritos
18 Freezer Burritos
14 Breakfast Burritos
3 gallon size bags of pancakes
14 Breakfast Sandwiches
1 gallon size bag of French Toast Sticks
2 gallon size bags of Crockpot Chicken, Beans & Cheese Mix

I thought I was done, but I just realized tonight that I still have 2.5 pounds of beef in the refrigerator, so it looks like tomorrow night I will finish up my freezer cooking for June with a stab at Cheeseburger Rolls.

I see that our freezer is now full of tons of burritos. I hope we don’t get sick of them!

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