I am so glad I took one day of this long weekend to stock up the freezer.  This time instead of focusing on making 6 to 10 recipes, I focused on making 4, and making more of each of the 4.  (I don’t have a picture yet because some of the items are still being frozen, but I’ll come back later today and add a picture.  Here is what an afternoon of work yielded me:

Award Winning Chili x5  (This made 4 meals for the freezer and one for us for dinner last night.  It was yummy!)

Darlene’s Make Ahead Meatballs x6 meal servings

Lighter Meatloaf x3

Jamie Oliver’s Best Tomato Sauce Ever x6 meals worth

Pizza Dough x7 meals worth (we ate one for lunch yesterday and used it to make a taco pizza)

Next month I will plan another small freezer cooking bout like this  and add in another 4 of our favorite recipes, so we should start to have a good rotation.  I don’t plan on eating most of these meals right away as I want to first finish up the few remaining meals we have from March of this year.


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