As I mentioned in my meal plan for the week, I did some freezer cooking for the month.

I must be honest, I really hate batch cooking like this. I much prefer to just double a recipe each night and freeze one half for later. However, knowing that this month will be a busy one, I set aside yesterday and part of today to cooking several meals.

Today I made this:

2 batches of One Pot Stuffed Pepper Dinner
1 loaf of meatloaf
1 batch Grandma’s Fruit Salad (to eat this week)
(We ate the rest of the soup for dinner tonight and have another meatloaf made for Wednesday’s dinner.)

Yesterday I made this:

1 pan Turkey Enchiladas
2 pans Turkey Dinner Casserole
1 pan Cheddar Turkey Casserole
20 Breakfast Burritos

This should make roughly 10 meals for us and several breakfasts. I was also hoping to make pumpkin muffins, but I can’t find pumpkin in our stores.

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