Grass-fed ground beef was on sale at Sprout’s this week for $3.99 a pound, so I decided to stock the freezer some more.  With six pounds of beef, I made:

Mexican Meatloaf Cupcakes (24 of them)

Italian Vegetable Soup (2 family-size meals and 3 small ones for lunches for me)

Beef Hash (1 meal.  We’ve not tried this before, so I only made one meal of it.)

I also browned one pound of beef so I’ll have it available for meals.

Then, I also made:

Healthy Granola Bar (We loved these, and only about 1/2 of the batch made it into the freezer.  We’ll definitely be making these again, but they were more like a oatmeal cookie bar than a granola bar.)

What about you?  Have you been filling the freezer with anything?  I’d love to hear!



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