I have had the pleasure of working as a reviewer on The Schoolhouse Review Crew almost since we started homeschooling.  I’ve met some amazing fellow homeschoolers, bloggers, and curriculum developers.  To say being on the Crew has been rewarding is an understatement.

I know, however, that not all of my blog readers are homeschoolers.  But, I’m guessing many of you have the same interests as I do–working from home (if possible), gardening, and cleaning.  (Cleaning isn’t really an interest, but I do like a clean house.  :))

Recently,  The Old Schoolhouse, parent of The Schoolhouse Review Crew, reached out with an amazing offer–choose three of their products and offer them for free to my readers throughout the month of April.

I’m not going to lie.  I may have spent an hour (or two) perusing their website and looking at all the amazing choices!

In the end, I chose products that I thought would appeal to all of my readers, whether they are homeschoolers or not.

Entrepreneurship Bundle (R.V. $14.40)

This bundle contains two e-books:

The Pitfalls and Possibilities of Being a Work-at-Home Mom


Homework: Juggling Home, Work, and School

Molly Green Magazine: Keeping the Garden: A Primer for a Bountiful Harvest (R.V. $12.95)

This product contains “over 100 pages of articles on organizing your garden, saving seeds, growing herbs, keeping pests at bay, recipes for your own produce, and so much more!”

Whether you’re a new gardener or a struggling one like we are :), you’ll find educational information about gardening here.

Molly Green Magazine: Naturally Clean and Organized Planner (R.V. $7.95)

This planner is downloadable and includes natural cleaning recipes, monthly to do lists, and daily, weekly, and deep cleaning schedules, among other things.

Want one, two, or all three of these products?  They’re yours for free!  Simply add whichever ones you’d like to your cart, and then enter the code MBCREW16

If you have a moment, why not stop by The Oldschool House’s Facebook page?  It’s a nice way to say thanks for the freebies, and if you “like” the page, you’ll get info on other great freebies like this!