ForeignLanguagesForKids--SpanishI took Spanish for two years in high school and for another two years in college.  When I was in college, in addition to the regular class work, we had to go to the lab and watch an educational learning program in Spanish.  This program was a drama that followed a person who was looking for a family member, I believe.

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It was the story component of the program that made me learn Spanish better than any teaching in the classroom.  I’m a firm believer that people learn foreign languages best in context, which is why I’m so enjoying the new Spanish program the kids and I are reviewing, Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids.

About Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids’ Spanish Program

The program currently has 40 lessons.  Each lesson has a video, which is approximately 5 minutes long.  There are also corresponding workbooks and quizzes to go with each lesson.

The program starts with a trip to Lima, Peru.  There, we meet a family with three active boys.  One likes eating, one likes reading, and one likes playing basketball.

ForeignLanguagesForKids--SpanishThe first lesson is over breakfast.  In context, children learn some basics words for breakfast, bread, eggs, big, small, basketballs, books, thank you, your welcome, apples, oranges, etc.

Each lesson after briefly reviews the words already learned so learning is reinforced.  (The pan screen shot is part of the review in lesson 3.)

Our Experience Using the Spanish Program

The girls and I watched each lesson several times, usually three to four times.  Then we together worked on the worksheet and the quiz.  Once, we had a bout of sickness that lasted 10 days in our house, so we had to go back and review.  We’re currently on lesson five.

So far, the girls are really enjoying the program.  We use it two to three times a week.

ForeignLanguagesForKids--SpanishNow, the girls will greet me with, “Buenos días, mama.”  They’ll also say, “Dónde esta pequeña?” which is what one of the boys says when looking for their small dog named Pequeña.

What I Like About the Program

There are so many things I like about this program!

Complete immersion.  The program is entirely in Spanish, but because words are given in context, figuring out their meaning is intuitive.  For instance, in one lesson, one brother points at the other brother’s plate because he’s eaten a great deal.  The brother says,, “Mira!”, which means look.

In context, that is not completely clear, so the video breaks away to several kids sitting on a wall outside and pointing to a plane in the sky saying, “Mira!”  In this context, children can learn that “mira” means look.  After that is clarified, the video goes back to the boys at the breakfast table.

Almost no teacher prep required.  So far, I’ve done very little prep.  The girls and I simply watch the videos and discuss them.

Engaging videos.  The girls have really liked the videos we’ve watched so far.  They’re engaged by the child actors, and they often giggle and laugh while watching the program.

How We Plan to Continue Using the Program

I plan to continue using the program with the girls (5.5 and 7), but I’m also going to have Bookworm (11) start using the program with us.  I’ve just learned that there are corresponding lesson plans, so I plan to utilize those to make our study even more in-depth.

If You’d Like to Learn More

If you’d like to learn more, try out Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids Spanish program for free for 48 hours.  Also, you can follow the company on Facebook.  There, you’ll get a word of the day along with other helpful suggestions for teaching Spanish.

Disclosure:  I received a 6 month subscription to Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids in exchange for my honest review.  I’ll be sharing our experiences again in December.

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