Three weeks ago I set a goal for myself to have a 4 week flash savings challenge.  At the end of the 4 weeks, my goal is to have $3,000 in our emergency fund savings.  (We started with $611 in our savings, so we need to get $2,389 in four weeks.)

We have one week left and need about $1,200.  If my husband’s reimbursement check comes in time, we will make our goal.  (It will be a little over $1,700.)  I still have a few things left to list on Craigslist like our playpen, toddler travel bed, baby gates, and some of my husband’s tools.  If those sell within a week, we will be much closer to our goal.

Either way, I am feeling a bit more secure now that our emergency fund is slowly but surely increasing.

I had some crazy luck on eBay this past week.  In the closet, I found a brand new package of boy’s Gymboree underwear that I bought for my son but never gave to him because he already has enough underwear.  I listed it for $7.99, but there was a bidding war at the end, and it sold for almost $17!  Also, I bought 3 brand new Gap boys’ shirts for my husband’s nephew, but we never sent them out because my husband’s mother said we shouldn’t send gifts any more because shipping to Japan is so expensive.  I bought the shirts using a Groupon, so they cost less than $10.  They sold on eBay for $27!

Here is the extra money we generated last week:

Sold a suitcase: $20

Extra Job #1:  $60

Extra Job #2:  $200

Extra Job #3:  $25

Ebay earnings:  $180.77

Total for Week Three:  $485.77

Total for Week Two:  $447.50

Total for Week One:  $254.34

New Emergency Fund Total:  $1,798.61

Starting Emergency Fund Total:  $611


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