Two weeks ago I set a goal for myself to have a 4 week flash savings challenge.  At the end of the 4 weeks, my goal is to have $3,000 in our emergency fund savings.  (We started with $611 in our savings, so we need to get $2,389 in four weeks.)

I have been listing tons of things on eBay, but once I discovered you are charged an insertion fee after you use up your 50 free insertions for the month, I stopped listing because I am cheap and don’t want to pay the insertion fee.  I’ll start again on December 1st.  However, I still have more auctions ending tonight, so I will have more money from eBay to list next week.  For this report, I am only listing what I have already moved from PayPal to my bank account for eBay sales.

I also need to get busy listing our kids’ outgrown toys.  Hopefully some parents will be scouring Craigslist for kids’ toys.

Here is the extra money we earned this week as well as how we earned it:

  • Extra Job #1:  $20
  • Sold window guards on Craigslist:  $40
  • Swagbucks cash out:  $100
  • Extra job #2:  $112.50
  • eBay earnings:  $175.00 (through 11/21)

Total for Week Two:  $447.50

Total for Week One:  $254.34

New Emergency Fund Total:  $1,312.84

Starting Emergency Fund Total:  $611

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