Last week I set a goal for myself to have a 4 week flash savings challenge.  At the end of the 4 weeks, my goal is to have $3,000 in our emergency fund savings.  (We started with $611 in our savings, so we need to get $2,389 in four weeks.)

Monday and Tuesday night I was busy listing 50 auctions on eBay, all for my kids’ old clothes and some new clothes I bought ahead but they outgrew before it was the right season.  Those auctions are ending tonight and tomorrow night, so they aren’t included in the totals here, but I think they should bring in at least another $150.  I also have several more to list tonight.

However, for the purpose of this post, I will only list those earnings and transactions that have already taken place and for which I have already received the money.

Here is the extra money we earned this week as well as how we earned it:

  • Extra job:  $20
  • Sold my old breast pump on Craigslist:  $60
  • Money in my PayPal account I forgot about:  $20
  • Turned in all of our change:  $62.67
  • Extra job #2:  $24.67
  • Extra job #3:  $35
  • Returned some unopened digestive enzymes & vitamins I didn’t need:  $32

Total for Week One:  $254.34

New Emergency Fund Total:  $865.34

Starting Emergency Fund Total:  $611


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